Thursday, December 13, 2012

Playing a little catch up: Preston Edition

Time for a little catch up....  Let's start with this stud muffin, shall we?

So I came across these pictures and forgot how much fun Preston had this past summer at the pool.  First off, no I don't know where he gets his beautiful golden brown tan.  Yes, he really did come from me and Casey.  Now that that's cleared up...
He particularly loved the sprinklers - namely drinking it and putting his head in it.  The pool, not so much.  Maybe next summer. 

And also watching the wave riders with friend Bryce.  I love his gorilla stance, ha!

And this was a while back too... I was in the kitchen one day and heard some crackling sounds, followed by some chompy-chomp sounds and then heavy breathing.  I know what that is!

Little monkey climbed up, got the Cap'N Crunch (great choice by the way) and went to town.  I opened the pantry door and he had an innocent "May I help you?" look. 

He really gets away with everything.

1 comment:

Anika said...

ahhhhhhhh, he is THE cutest!

how'd he get so big so fast?

i miss summer and swimming and being outside.......

and it's snowing. perfect. ;)