Friday, February 1, 2013

Look who's 2!

My little man is two!  How the time flies :)  I can't remember his exact stats, but he's slightly bigger than Caiden was at this age (not that that is too hard :) but still a little guy overall.  Except for his head.  Definitely has the big Gubler head.  And I personally feel like he weighs a ton!

What can I say about this kid at two years old??  He's funny and cute and talking really great.  He's persistent and fiesty and has quite the temper.  He's FAST.  Seriously, I may have a future track runner on my hands.  He's cute, oh I said that already.  He loves his motorcycle (mo'cyc-er!) and airplanes.  Doesn't really like TV.  He LOVES to be outside.  He LOVES his brother and sister.  It's adorable.  Finally after 6 months of crying, he's attending nursery.  Oh my, the poor nursery leaders!  He's also very loud (happy or mad).  He gives great hugs. He's a good eater, but not very good at sitting all.  Doesn't love long car rides, but who does?  Luckily we haven't had any issues thus far with his peanut allergy (yay!).  Currently, we are "discussing" potty training.  Just discussing, no action yet.  He doesn't like when I'm working on the computer (trying to push me out of the chair at this very moment :)  And he's cute.  I love his laugh and how warm his cheeks are when he wakes up from his nap (can't stop kissing them) and I especially love that he is back to taking naps and sleeping all night long.  REALLY love that.  I guess to sum it up, I just love him SO much!  Even when he makes me crazy, which is every day.

As you can see I pulled out my most crafty skills (also known as Pinterest) and made an Elmo cake.  Not bad, eh?

Happy Birthday to our wild child!


The Colson's said...

Super Job on that Elmo cake K!!! Your little boy is just too adorable! I just LOVE reading about those little Gublers!!

Whitney said...

Cute boy!! And cute cake!! Yeah I have a screamer when I take her to nursery too. So you are telling me it gets better? I don't even take her anymore because she screams so loud and is so naughty!!! But starting today I am going to sit in there if I have to!!! Oh the joys!!! When you coming to salt lake? I want to see you when you do!!

Kevin and Eliza said...

He is so cute! Way to go on the cake you did awesome.

Anika said...

your cake making skills are mad!!! that's true talent!! and i know that because i, too, can get on pinterest and NOT have those results! lol you rock, that's all.

ahhhhhh, your kids are THE cutest, ever.