Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seattle Trip!

Back in August we took a little family vacay to Seattle - just us - and had SO much fun!  First stop was the Aquarium....
 The kids were slightly disappointed that there were no sharks (so was I), but they had fun anyhow.  Even convinced Caiden and Paige to touch the starfish.  Harder task than you might think.

The next day we went to the Pacific Science Center and this was a huge hit.  The kids definitely want to come back here and I highly recommend it.  There's so much hands-on entertainment for all ages.  I quite enjoyed it myself :)
And who knew a simple ramp could provide so much entertainment?  Forget the toys and experiments to play with, how bout a wheel chair ramp?!  Preston laughed and giggled himself silly.  I could really use one of these in the house.  He's such a cute monster.
Then for our last day there, we were headed to the Zoo - the main attraction :)  Have to save the best for last, you know.  How excited was Paige to see a zebra? VERY.  And Caiden, the bears - yes, please. . 
Unfortunately, for Preston this marked the third day of really no napping, and it showed.  Lots of stares from strangers - almost like he was his own exhibit, ha.  But once he crashed in the stroller for a bit, he was all smiles.  Like I said, a monster, but a cute one.  Just look at that face
 And I thought it was so funny that of all the animals in the zoo, Caiden was insistent that he see the cranes.  Who actually goes through the bird section?  We did, because "Mom, the crane's my favorite one on Kung Fu Panda".  So here they are with their best impersonations...

And almost as fun as all these events was the swimming pool at our 5 star hotel, not really.  I bid on a hotel through Priceline and we managed a 2 star Holiday Inn, which was actually okay except in was in Renton and that was a bit annoying.  Oh well, that's what you get when you go cheap :) The kids however, couldn't get enough of the pool.
 My other favorite part of the trip was Caiden's comments driving throughout downtown Seattle, aka the "city".  "Dad, don't you love driving in the CITY??" (No.) "Paige, which do you like better - the CITY or the country?"  Really, you'd think we lived in the middle of nowhere and never visit large cities....oh wait, that's slightly true....

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If our kids married we would have the cutest grandbabies ever!