Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Waitin'....

You can pretty much count on Preston being here at this very window morning, lunch time, and afternoon.

In the morning when he's watching Caiden and Paige get on the bus (after he's given them "huggies").  You might hear things like this...."Byyyyye, byyyye!  Caynen, get down! (as he climbs the stone pillars), BUS! BUS! A BUS!"

Then at lunch time waiting for daddy.  Except for when daddy takes a late lunch, and well, that just doesn't go over well.  He leans on the window sill and calls for "Daddy.....Daddy.....Daddy....coming?....coming?????..."  (Patience isn't exactly a strength right now). Then "DADDY! DADDY HERE!" followed by pounding on the window and hysterical laughter.  

Then after he wakes up from his nap and knows the kids are about to get home.  Again with the calling....and the "coming?????"s.  Then "PAIGEY!" and "Caynen??, Caynen, COME ON!" (because Caiden takes forever and has to run around the yard and thrown his backpack all over the place before he comes inside :)

But the BEST is if he sees people walking by and says hi to them and their dogs and their bikes and the cars and you name it.  And my all time favorite is when he yells at the birds to "GO!".  Apparently birds have to be in constant flight....and again - not a lot of patience on his part if they dare land in the yard.

Oh my, it never gets old :)

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