Friday, April 12, 2013

A few funnies....

I'm behind on posts.  Story of my life these days.  I keep imagining a day where the house stays clean and I'm done painting bedrooms and I don't have to do my 2 piddly jobs from home and I can just sit and catch up on my scrapbooks and blogs.  Until then....I may grace you with my presence for a few random funny happenings and updates.

March 16th - Casey and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary.  We went to the Tri-Cities for some shopping and dinner.  We stopped at Outback to eat and when we entered the only available table was in the bar area.  The hostess looked at us and said "Are you two over 21??"  Hahaha!  I thought that was a memory worth noting :) The perks of looking like we're still 12 :)  Later we went and test drove some Suburbans.  I want one.  Casey wants a truck.  Who will win? Hmm....

And here's a funny about Paige.  Occasionally she has some liar-liar-pants-on-fire moments.  Nothing big.  Just basic "did you brush your teeth?" answered with a very firm YES, even though her toothbrush is totally dry.  Or "did you get the candy down for Preston just to quiet him up?"  answered with a firm NO, even though she's the only one in the house at the time who can climb up the pantry shelves.  You get the idea.

So, it begins when I keep getting notices from the school that I owe lunch money on her account.  But I'm confused because I don't get the notices for Caiden's account nearly as much and they pretty much eat hot lunch together on the same days - maybe once or twice a week.  I keep asking her "how come I always owe for you and not Caiden?  Are you eating hot lunch plus the lunch I pack for you every morning?"  Firm (and innocent) No, Mom.  And I believe her because she is a picky eater and I certainly know she's not eating the beefy bean burritos.  Whatever.  Life continues.  But so do the notices.  Finally, I decide to call the school and see if someone is accidentally using her card.  They pull up a print out of all the dates she's eating hot lunch.  And it's only once or twice a week, just as I expected. I'm confused. Then the lady says to me "well, you know she eats breakfast too, don't you?"  What?????  "Yes ma'am, every Monday and Wednesday morning." I then look at the lunch calendar and see that that is French Toast Sticks and Cinnamon Roll days.  Two of Paige's very favorite things.  Oh how it made me laugh.  And kinda want to ring her neck :)  So I asked her about it later and she fessed up.  French Toast Sticks and Cinnamon Rolls.  Little Stinker.  I asked Caiden if he knew she was eating breakfast at school to which he replied "What?! We can eat breakfast at school?!?!"  Crazy kids.

Anywho, life continues to roll along as usual.  I have been truckin along getting the house painted.  Only 3 more rooms to go! I shall have to post some before and after pictures soon :)

I'm very much looking forward to summer and sleeping in! Yes, indeed.  It can not come quick enough.

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Alicia Farmer said...

She is one smart cookie. I'd want to eat french toast sticks and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, too!